Even today, there are children who have to walk for miles, hungry, with almost no textbook to go to school. Schools lacking adequate teaching material to supervise them, no library, lack of teachers for lack of means to pay their salaries. Children who resume classes or advance without an inappropriate basic education. Parents must contribute to retain teachers in their children’s schools. Children who drop out of school because the costs of their schooling are a barrier to access to quality education and learning. These are the challenges facing many families in several regions of Cameroon. And this is what we are determined to change.

Here’s how your donation could make a difference

  • With a monthly donation of 20 dollars, you sponsor a student. This donation will cover school fees, school clothes, school and extracurricular activities, hygiene items. Build a special relationship with a child.
  • With a one-time donation of $ 500, you provide school supplies for 30 girls in an elementary school class.


Promoting the health of communities is fundamental to ensuring decent lives and accelerating rural development.

ASSACC is committed to boosting cooperation projects aimed at facilitating access to primary health care and education on disease prevention.
It proposes, among other things, to:

  • Provide access to free or low-cost general and specialized consultations.
  • Provide education on sexuality, HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections, family planning, screening and prevention of gynecological cancers, and so on.
  • Provide opportunities for voluntary cooperation to Canadian experts in the field they want, to support local medical teams according to their area of expertise.