Help ASSACC accomplish its mission by sponsoring our programs.

Become a volunteer

We welcome volunteers who can help us provide better opportunities for education and life for the people of Cameroon. We offer a number of opportunities, both short and long term, that allow you to learn new skills and put your talents and expertise to work for a valuable cause.

Do you have questions or want to discuss volunteering possibilities and ideas? Please contact us at the following address:

Become a partner of ASSACC

Together we can change lives!

We offer opportunities to achieve social responsibility and philanthropy goals through partnerships that ensure the visibility and commitment of your company, your team or especially yours in the fight against poverty and the promotion of access to quality education for all.

We are proud to support and promote local businesses and initiatives that make a difference in our community and internationally. Please contact us at to discuss partnership possibilities.

Fundraise with us

Create your own event: Customize your own unique event to raise funds for one of our programs dear to your heart.

Donate your birthday as a gift: Why not ask your friends and family to donate to ASSACC as your birthday gift?

Collect for ASSACC: Launch a bottle, containers, school supplies drive for your cause.

Employer-matched gifts: If your employer participates in a matching gift program, your company will match donations that you make to ASSACC.Please talk to your company to inquire about the process.